July 6th, 2008

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Интервью со сценаристами Eagle Eye и Transformers 2

...находится вот по этой ссылке

Разговор идет в общем о фильмах, но и про Шайю есть несколько моментов. Особенно меня порадовало вот это:

CS: This is your second movie writing for Shia, so were you able to tailor the dialogue more to what he could do as a character or did you want him to do something different than he has in other movies?

Kurtzman: Yeah, certainly we had a great experience with him on "Transformers" and his voice is very very specific. It actually helped us quite a bit in conceiving his character in "Eagle Eye" and that in turn helped us in the conceiving of his character in "Transformers 2" so we're now on Movie 3 with Shia, so I think more than any other actor out there, we have his voice in our heads.

Потому что я абсолютно согласна с тем, что у него очень своеобразный голос, и он многое добавляет роли интонациями. (дубляж в Индиане убийственный)

И вот еще:

...this is really Shia's first adult role. "Transformers" and "Disturbia" were both playing seventeen to let's say nineteen years old, and this is first truly adult role. With that comes a whole new set of requirements, and I think people are going to be really happily, I wouldn't say surprised, but it's funny, especially with D.J. He created a breakthrough role for Shia when he did "Disturbia" but I think this is the next evolution of that. It just shows how much range Shia has.

Хотя "Нью-Йорк..." выйдет раньше, так что насчет Первой роли еще можно и поспорить. Но первый взрослый полноценный фильм - это точно.

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